Nilesh Bakale

Founder and Managing Director

Nilesh is the driving force and the innovator at R-Evolution. He guides the innovation and design team, constantly looking for ways to improve the products and services we offer. Nilesh plays a variety of roles as an entrepreneur innovator, designer and guide, constantly researching and implementing to give t he consumers the best solutions possible. A qualified Diploma Interior Designer, with an experience of 12 years he is the 'Google', as he is fondly called , always has the solution to any challenges the team faces.



The Challenge

Building or redesigning a commercial space is a strategic investment with long term consequences directly effecting business performance
  • The office interior design, projects an important image for your clients, this tied w ith your brand principals can create the right impact and reflect reliability and build trust.
  • The right functional design and aesthetics effect the clients or customers decision to buy the product or service you offer.
  • On the o ther ha nd it effects recruitment, job satisfaction and performance of the employees and teams within the organization.
  • Planning Execution and Management of these projects, irrespective of their scale are time and resource sensitive.
  • Choosing the right team with different skills for quality work becomes difficult as the options remain endless.


Working with R-evolution ensures the environment designed will meet all the business needs of your organization.
  • Established in Sep 200]' the R-Evolution Interior Designers and Turnkey Projects has been providing unique design and turnkey solutions to its clients. This covers offic es, stores, showrooms, hotels, restaurants and c lubhouses.
  • Having completed projects worth 30 c rore with more thon 2.5 lokhs sq.ft exec uted till date, our strong and dynamic team provides the expertise to positively impact your organization's performance with unique design and turnkey solutions.
  • At R-Evolution we care for every inch of your space and make sure it is o ptimized and managed, making it highly efficient and aesthetically uplifting.
  • Our project execution skills with the right infrastructure and team ensures success with regards to time, money and quality, giving a positive start to your organizations goals.