Every business need is different, So are our processes. The right strategy and process is decided based on the project requirement.


Our basic project management framework ensures we have all the aspects covered. Within this framework we are able to place customize micro processes as the project demands.

  • Analysis
    • Site Research
    • Clients and Process Inputs
    • Cost Analysis and Quotation
  • Development
    • Strategize development plan
    • Time Estimation is calculated to set a completion date.
    • Approved designs undergo development
  • Design
    • Project Definition
    • Conceptualization
    • Initial Design Drafts
    • Design Evaluation
    • Client approval
  • Implementation
    • Installation strategies are drawn
    • Installations are made at site
    • Cleaning and other finishing aspects are done
  • Evaluation
    • Final Tests are performed to eliminate any imperfections during implementation
    • Thorough testing of all fittings, electrical work and other functionality is performed.

Our projects